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September 27, 2011
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Guernica by vivalalixi Guernica by vivalalixi
"Guernica wouldn’t have its continuing political relevance if it didn’t somehow manage to wrench the material reality of suffering out of that black and white virtual world"
~The Punch


this fashion plate is actually my final presentation for my visual and communications and design subject. for those of you who have me on FB, this(and a building model) has been the cause of all the stress induced statuses you got for the last couple of days. idid say my previous submission would be my last for a while, i guess i'll shift it to this. and this is actually school work *pouts*

so in this folio work, we were asked to make a design brief for a client. i chose to do a concept presentation board for a special A/W collection for Balenciaga. it was for this pretend charity event for war-torn countries. the collection had to be inspired by "Guernica", well i suppose it was appropriate. why, you ask? [link] <--- read. though i'm pretty sure most of you guys know what it's about.

as to why balenciaga? well, we were allowed to use established companies as our make believe clients or we could make my own company. i honestly couldn't be bothered making my own. and well, he was the only spanish designer i knew. AND I AM OBSESSED WITH ANYTHING SPANISH THESE DAYS I SHOULD, LIKE, MOVE ON ALREADY.

even before i was given the second folio work i've always wanted to do a collection based on Picasso's "Guernica" and the event it portrayed. i think that, the bombing was heartbreaking and unjustifiable; and that even till this day it exists. what i mean by that is that, everything the painting stands for, i find, is still relevant today. somehow.

but it doesn't matter what i think, i am only a teenager and my opinions are insubstantial.

with that said i would like to thank EVERYONE who helped me out here: [link]
with special mention to : ~varebanos, ~soaringbubblegum, ~doodle-book cuz you guys are awesome, and patient enough to explain this to me. i knew 0 shit about this topic had it not been for them.

i don't want to upset anybody by posting this. and i hope i don't get in trouble by using the actual painting as a pattern for the cloth.

1. skull- i started it out with one of Balenciaga's coccoon coat's silhoutte's then as i experimented with it i got this skull like shape. i then realized that if i made the sleeves puffy enough it could be the sockets. and voila. the pattern in the front is lifted directly off the painting. i would go on about which elements of the painting i used from the pattern but i don't want to drain your lives. the back view, it looks like a skull, front view, sleeves are the sockets. fun fact: there are two hidden skulls in the actual painting!!

2. kimono- inspired from one of the kimono drapes balenciaga did. and also from one of his evening dresses. YES, newspaper print for the chiffon overlay. the newspaper print used in the painting reflects how Picasso learned of the massacre. possibly from George Steer's article.

3. babydoll- inspired from one of Balenciaga's baby doll dresses.

4. the bull- bulky and prominent, but mourning. actually i have used the speared horse a lot in the pattern for the previous pieces. they have this sort of odd relationship those two.

as for the colour scheme predominantly black and white staying faithful to that of the original painting, a dash of dried blood red in the first piece's roses. oh got the inspiration from the little girl and her red coat in Schindler's List. the movie was in B/W and she was the only one in colour.

big big big thank you to my Mum who pressured me to finish this last sunday, otherwise i would have procrastinated again. and for helping me cut and paste crap on my folio and for feeding me yummy food. i would not survive a day without her. I LOVE YOU MOMSY!!! <3 I KNOW YOU STALK MY DA.

pretty nervous as well, idk how you guys will recieve this. i have no fandom to fall back on, i'm not stupid. i know the reason why i get attention for my other designs are cuz of Hetalia. but i will love this plate above all the rest, more than anything i have made so far. and i hope it's enough to get me into the school i want, provided RMIT grants me an interview first >w<". and well, i am really depressed about the lack of fashion design scholarships out there. but then again, i still do find it impractical at times. no, most of the time. and vain. doesn't mean i love it any less.

with that said, i think i may have finished my lengthy litany about this deviation. i might re-do or add stuff to this collection. i had two focuses, both the painting and Balenciaga when i did this, so i was pretty constrained as i had to always refer back to his designs, did not stop me from using Mcqueen in almost all of them though. I APOLOGIZE ITS SO LONG AND POINTLESS AND OVERLY DRAMATIC. sugar high has not gone out my system yet.
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Given 2011-10-16
Guernica by =viva-la-lixi ( Suggested by Sasha-Sirozh and Featured by Moonbeam13 )
RavenSpiderwick Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Saw this today and immediately thought of you and this collection specifically.

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WOAHHHHH that's gorgeous. i'm not familiar with the designer thanks for sharing!
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I love them all! But the bull is my favorite!
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This is sooo incredible. I've never watched/read Hetalia, so I just see clothes when I look at stuff. I think this is some of your best work yet. Keep on it!
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thank you!!
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